Entry #1


2014-11-15 01:15:52 by RikoriStorm

YAY! i made a newgrounds now i want to strongly enforce the fact that i will only be posting my Tomamon on here. if you want to see anything else go to my DA page heres a link-> http://xxrikorixx.deviantart.com/ 




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2014-11-15 19:28:37

Welcome to Newgrounds! So I see you draw "d'ems d'ere poke'mans" and you make your own, cool perhaps you can print them out as cards.

RikoriStorm responds:

um even though i do like pokemon the monsters i make are called Tomamon they are 100% my own work and the only similarity to pokemon they have is the fact that there monsters. i have 3 seasons written already for the series! yay! thanks for the warm welcome btw ^.^ I hope you like my work :D