STREAMING! (offline)

2017-05-13 00:58:46 by RikoriStorm

When im offline or online the title will change 

dont miss out!

Tomamon A Spirits Will Comic!

2015-07-23 21:40:14 by RikoriStorm

I have started to post tomamon a spirits will, its the canon Tomamon comic! woohoo

Note: all pages will be 1st posted on DA so if you want to see em 1st go there :D

I hope you all like it :D if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

Busy Busy Busy!

2015-04-26 00:20:19 by RikoriStorm

wow I have lots to do! sorry that im not posting much but I have been busy with 3 big projects. 

so I just wanted to let everyone know im not dead!

and no Im not alowwed to talk about the projects ... well I can talk about my Tomamon series comic! which is one of them but I am only the help on the other two so im not alowed to say ;)



DA Group!

2015-02-28 21:46:30 by RikoriStorm

I have a group on DA for Tomamon we hold contest and share fan art of Tomamon! we are alwasys excepting new members! hope to see you there!




2014-11-15 01:15:52 by RikoriStorm

YAY! i made a newgrounds now i want to strongly enforce the fact that i will only be posting my Tomamon on here. if you want to see anything else go to my DA page heres a link->